World Class Juggler, Street Performer, Comedian and Showman

World-Class Juggler, Street Performer, Comedian and Showman

Showtime! When Richard Filby takes to the street, curiosity will build, and interest will be piqued. His juggling will amaze the audience with the style and elegance of a world-class performer. His dry humour and delightful personality will keep the audience captivated and excited. With a crescendo, his show rises from a street show’s authentic roots to a massive and impressive Rola Bola finale. With skill, jokes, danger, balance, and a little too much audience participation, the Richard Filby show takes on more than just a performance. It’s a real, honest and captivating conversation between one man and his audience. 


With experience and professionalism, Richard can take to the streets or perform on any sized stage with a wide variety of tricks and jokes. His versatility as an entertainer is his greatest strength. He can entertain an audience of any age from five minutes up to an hour with his self-contained show. Always prepared, always flexible and always willing to give it a shot, Richard Filby is a must-see attraction at any Festival, Street pitch, Corporate event, School carnival, Comedy Club or Cabaret. 


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